Monday, May 11, 2015

How it all started

The funny thing is that when I ventured to do this, documenting my weight loss, I figured I'd start Weight Watchers and document how it was all going.  That didn't work out too well because I hadn't dealt with my underlying problems and so wasn't successful with WW and so this blog went unwritten.  So, it's actually starting.  I'd always felt constricted with WW and didn't like it so much.  Look, I know, we have to have discipline.  I know that, trust me, even though I may not like it, I know I need it.  But WW just didn't give me, I felt, the latitude I needed to be successful in losing weight.  I'm not knocking WW, it's a wonderful program and in some cases, give you so much food to eat that you feel like you're losing your mind.  But for me, it didn't allow me to eat the foods I wanted to eat, without losing so many points that for the rest of the day I would starve or eat stuff I didn't want to eat.

The funny thing is that we actually have the power to control how we eat, what we eat, if we gain or lose weight, we just have to figure it all out.  We're a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for.  I'm a lot stronger than I give myself credit for.  I'm learning that.  It's a great feeling.

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